A/B Test your thumbnail and titles on YouTube for free!for free!

We'll help you find the best thumbnail and title for your YouTube videos.

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How it works?

  1. Select a video

    Connect your youtube account and search for a video. Select the one you want to run an A/B test for.

  2. Launch the test

    Choose whether you want to test the thumbnail or title and description for your video and enter the data.

  3. You have a winner

    Run a campaign for as many days as you want and choose a winner with metrics like Impressions, CTR, views and more.

Frequently asked questions.

Got a question? We have your answer! Check out our frequently asked questions.

How is this free?

We at Published are trying to help creators focus on their craft and leave the rest to us. Since A/B testing can have a significant impact on a Youtube channel’s growth and YouTube does not have this built-in, we thought it would be great if we can help more creators A/B test without incurring additional costs. We believe that this can help us reach more creators like you and know more about Published.

Let’s face it, when you upload a video to YouTube, the thumbnail you choose is an important part of your strategy. Not only does it help your viewers decide whether they should watch your video, but can play an important role in attracting new viewers as well. A/B Testing thumbnails on your YouTube video ensure that you have good-looking thumbnails that have a higher chance of people clicking and seeing the video with data to back on.

No. Testing via Published Youtube A/B Testing tool is 100% safe and poses no risk to your YouTube channel. We are using the authorized API provided by Google themselves and does involve any workarounds or hacks which makes it completely safe. Additionally, we only change the thumbnail or metadata (title and tags) only once a day which makes it risk-free.

You can easily upload the thumbnail or update the title and tags once. We test it with the original data every alternative day. Once the test is completed, we compare metrics like CTR, views, impressions, and average view duration of the test variant with the original version and help you decide on a clear winner.

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